Bulletproofing Web Applications

Adam Kolawa

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Open Source is the current rave of the software industry. It's making great progress because of Linux - an operating system that truly works. People are all a-bustle about Open Source and are beginning to look for an Open Source option appropriate to all their application needs. This raises questions: How can you take advantage of Open Source when you're building applications? Are there any dangers involved in using Open Source? As often happens, people are taking the extreme route and want to do everything in Open Source because they don't have to pay for it. That's logical thinking. You can't beat free! But, are there other costs involved besides monetary ones? Certainly Open Source applications alleviate spending, but shouldn't there be a balance in everything we do? What's that optimal balance between Open Source and traditional proprietary software application... (more)

Saturday Essay: Why Outsourcing is a "Tremendous Opportunity" for US Economy

Related Links: Outsourcing "Has Been Going On Forever" - Intel's CEO Offshore Outsourcing: Magic Bullet or Dirty Word? 1 in 4 IT Jobs Going Offshore, Says Gartner; One Major "Offshoring Failure" in 2004 Predicted IT Trends: "Intelligent Computing" is Greater Threat than Outsourcing One hot topic in this year's election is whether (and how) to stop U.S. companies from engaging in offshore outsourcing to India, China, and other countries. Dr. Adam Kolawa, the co-founder and CEO of Parasoft, is not convinced that limiting outsourcing in order to protect the U.S. economy is the answe... (more)

Automated Error Prevention for Linux

Most organizations that use Linux as a business operating system are developing their own applications for Linux - perhaps in response to the current scarcity of packaged applications available on Linux. With so much internal development for Linux, it is critical that the IT groups building your Linux-based applications have a means to efficiently produce reliable code. If they don't, you will jeopardize the very reliability and cost-effectiveness that most organizations are trying to achieve by turning to Linux. However, most development teams follow a development process that ... (more)

Choosing the Best Testing Tools to Increase Project Productivity

The primary mission of information technology is to improve business processes and increase profits. Companies are constantly rethinking and struggling with how to use IT to a competitive advantage, reduce IT operating and maintenance costs, and reduce the total cost of ownership… all while attempting to deliver increased value. Most of these problems can be traced to the same source: the struggle to make software work - without incurring unreasonable costs. Thus, it all seems to lead back to cost, which raises the question of why software development is so costly. Most p... (more)

What Issues to Look Out For as You Move from Java to Web Services

The creation and popularity of Web Services are growing rapidly in every industry. With this continued growth, more and more programmers find themselves writing code that, even if it's not currently packaged as a Web Service, will eventually be exposed as one. As more enterprises move toward an e-business strategy, communication and integration of existing information systems is key. When integrating existing information systems with Web Services, enterprises will usually face one of the following two scenarios: The enterprise information system is comprised of legacy systems. To... (more)